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RELAUNCHED FOR 2016!   MORE PROFIT with the SAME traffic!

Dear Marketer,

Do you know the #1 challenge in making money online?

We surveyed 1,000s of people, and the most popular answer was…

Not Knowing HOW To Do It

There is so much information, so many products, and so many ‘experts’ it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to really make money. So most people just start buying and trying one product and gimmick after another…hoping something…ANYTHING will work.

But they just end up wasting time and money until they finally give up because they run out of money, patience, or both.

I Don’t Want That To Be YOU

Hey, I know the feeling…

I remember when I first started…I didn’t know anything about marketing or making money online. So I did what everyone else does–started buying the gurus products up by truckload until I had a hard drive full of useless information.

What I realized is that until I started DOING something, I was never gonna’ make a nickel.

So I got busy. I setup a squeeze page, created an info product, and tried to start getting traffic. It took me 3 months to get my very first subscriber and 3 more months to get my first $17 sale.

That’s When the Lightbulb Went On

$17 in 6 months is hardly anything to get excited about, but there was a deeper story

I realized, at that moment, that I had discovered the secret to making money online. It’s not about fancy websites or high-end products or loopholes or glitches or any other fads or gimmicks.

The secret to making money online is actually very simple…

The Secret is To Use a Simple System That Makes You a Little Money and Do It Over and Over Again

If you have a system that gets you even 1 subscriber and 1 sale without costing you money…then you can just repeat it over and over to make as much money as you want. All you need is a simple system that does 2 things:

If the system builds your list and makes you money, then you just repeat it to scale the system as large as you want. It’s really that simple.

Think about it…McDonald’s,, WalMart…they don’t sell $1,000,000 products. They all have a simple way to get prospects and customers, and they do it 1,000,000s of TIMES. A simple system scaled millions of times over.

and YOU can do the same thing with your online business. The challenge, of course, is creating a system that actually works and doesn’t cost you more than it generates.

And that’s where I can help you…I have developed a simple system–through months of testing and optimizing–that you can use to do exactly that.

It’s Called the Profit Funnel System

The Profit Funnel System is a simple, step-by-step system that builds you a subscriber list and makes you money. In fact…

I Added 102 Subscribers and
Banked $139 in Under 24 Hours

Look very closely at those screen captures and you’ll notice 3 important things

1. The earnings are affiliate commissions – you can make money with the Profit Funnel System without your own product. Earn affiliate commissions by simply promoting other people’s products

1. The commissions are from 3 different sources – you can make money with the Profit Funnel System with ANY affiliate platform or products. The Profit Funnel System works with affiliate products on any marketplace or platform.

1. The commissions and subscribers are from the same day – you can grow your list and make money with the Profit Funnel System every single day. If you make even just $100 per day that’s an extra $3,000 in your pocket per month.

The Profit Funnel System is Just 3 Simple Steps

and it’s just 3 simple steps…

You just watch the videos to learn how to use the Profit Funnel System. Then you install the WordPress plugin software to automate 90% of the system for you. Then just use it…and watch your subscriber list and income grow day after day!

The Profit Funnel System is so easy…

  • it works for newbies even if today is your 1st day online
  • it works in any and every niche
  • you don’t need any marketing experience to use it
  • you don’t need any technical skills to use it
  • it adds new subscribers to your list as fast as today
  • it generates sales & commissions for you as soon as today
  • it’s a real system that works every time

The Profit Funnel System is the easiest REAL way to make money online.

Here’s How the Profit Funnel System Works…

The typical system people try to use to make money online has a major flaw…it leaks profit at every part of the process.

and those profit leaks cause you to actually lose money instead of making money. The Profit Funnel System plugs all the leaks and maximizes the subscribers you get and money you make

Just look at how powerful the difference is…

The profit leaks in the typical system cause you to lose $225. If you scale that up 100 times, you’ve lost $22,500!

With the Profit Funnel System the same traffic gets you more than DOUBLE the subscribers and a net PROFIT of $122. Scale THAT up 100 times and you just made $12,200 PROFIT and you have a huge list to keep making more money.

The Profit Funnel System Is THE Difference Between Making Money or Losing Money

When you’re making money, you can grow your profits as large as you want by just using the system MORE. But if you’re losing money, the more you do the more you LOSE.

The Profit Funnel System Maximizes the Subscribers You Get and the Money You Make

Hey, you and I both know the idea of building a list and making money from it is not new. You may have even tried to build a list and make money from it before…

But the Profit Funnel System shows you how to do it profitably. And to make the whole system ‘caveman simple’ you get the Profit Funnel Software plugin.

And the Profit Funnel Software Plugin
Automates 95% of the System For You

The software automates 95% of the Profit Funnel System for you…

  • It creates point-n-click squeeze pages in minutes to build your list…
  • it captures ‘lost’ traffic and turns it into more subscribers
  • it makes you sales on the spot with stealth ninja tactics
  • it’s up & running in minutes without tech skills, HTML, or CSS

So with the Profit Funnel System you’ll know exactly how to make money online, and you’ll have the software that automates 95% of the process for you too.

The Profit Funnel System and Software is the Simplest Way To Make Money Online

With the Profit Funnel System all the hard work is done for you…

the list-building, money-making steps are PROVEN – everything I put into the Profit Funnel System is stuff I’m actually doing to make money online. It’s been tested and optimized and it works.

the list-building, money-making steps are SIMPLE – I know how confusing and complicated Internet marketing can be. I stripped out all of the fluff and crap you don’t need, and created a laser-focused, simple system that will make you money. And I even included software that does a lot of it for you to make it even easier.

Here’s Exactly What You Get…

You get everything you need to start using the system to build a subscriber list and start making money today.

You get unlimited access to the Profit Funnel System and unlimited personal use of the Profit Funnel Software plugin and you can use them to build a list to any size you want and pocket as much cash as you choose. This system and software is so powerful it could easily cost $2,000 and be worth every penny!

But I want you to benefit, and at that price only a select few could afford it…

So when you order now, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Members Area where you can start the Profit Funnel System and download the Profit Funnel Software plugin and start using it in just minutes. And you won’t pay close to $2,000.

Order now and get the Full Profit Funnel System package for only $1,997 $997

Profit Funnel System

NOTE: To use the Profit Funnel Plugin you need WordPress installed. If you don’t know how don’t worry–I have training in the Members Area for that too!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try Profit Funnel System risk-free for a FULL 30 days. If you don’t believe it’s worth 10 TIMES (10x) your investment, just submit a ticket at our support desk and we’ll deactivate your software and refund your money. You love Profit Funnel System or you don’t pay. It’s that simple…

I’ll even take ALL of the risk! I’ll give you a FULL 30 Days to try Profit Funnel System for yourself–so you can see what a game changer this really is.

If you don’t agree it’s worth 10 TIMES (10x) your investment just submit a ticket and we’ll deactivate your license and refund 100% of your money! No questions asked! You either see results with Profit Funnel System or you don’t pay….

Because Profit Funnel System is unique and super powerful, I’m only going to share it with a small number of serious ACTION TAKERS. This offer may be CLOSED down at any time and without notice. We may or may not reopen, so the only way to GUARANTEE you get your hands on this game changing tool is to act NOW

Because we’re giving away Profit Funnel System at such an amazing value, we will only keep this offer open for a limited time. We will let a select few serious action takers grab this software and experience the absolute transformational results for themselves. But once a small number of marketers get the system, we will CLOSE this offer. So act NOW–it’s the only way to guarantee you get a copy.

YES Brett! I want INSTANT ACCESS to your Profit Funnel System so I can build a subscriber list and make money online.

I know I am getting the FULL Proift Funnel System including the software plugin and I will need to setup WordPress to use it :

Profit Funnel System Component


Profit Funnel System – step-by-step video training of how to build a list and make money online


Profit Funnel System Plugin UNLIMITED use – automate your list building and money making for an unlimited number of websites




I understand that my purchase is 100% Risk-Free for 30 days, but I must act now because limited Profit Funnel System packages will ever be sold. By acting now, I understand I get unlimited use for just $1,591

Profit Funnel System

After checkout, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Profit Funnel System and you can get started in minutes!

Watch the videos then download the software and follow the simple steps to use it and you’ll be getting subscribers and making money in record time!

Your Partner in Success,



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